American Tour 21st Jan - 29th Jan 2016

American Tour 21st Jan - 29th Jan 2016

Published on 22-Jan-2016.

Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Orlando, Los Angeles, Denver

The US immigration department aka The Last Minute.Com specialists have granted me a visa so I can do my thing which is play music, meet old friends, and make new ones. That's all I'm going for.

After 11 months they decided 9 days was enough and all the other stuff I had planned over the next couple of years meant nothing to them...  It looks like I'll have to take another approach to get a visa next time but in the meantime I'm super happy to be hitting the US!

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Function Records UK - Digital - DnB Producer - American Tour - Boston - Dallas, Philadelphia - San Francisco -Orlando - Los Angeles -Denver


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