The Shame Of Mankind Ep with bonus tracks

The Shame Of Mankind Ep with bonus tracks
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Are there any aliens out there? (Probably!) What would they think of the human race?

Do the people in power really care about us?

What would they think of mass corruption from corporate companies and governments?..... But hold on a minute, are we decent to our own partners, families, neighbours, people in need of the essentials and those we work with?

Do the police, authorities, prisons, care homes and detention centres look after the vulnerable in the correct way?

Yo Aliens!!!!!! You're probably more advanced than us as a race so you've probably worked out ways of stopping inequalty, slavery, famine, war and other general shite. If so, GET YOUR SELF DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW AND SHOW US THE WAY!!!!!!


1 DIGITAL - CRATER FACE - A crunchy lead, Mentasm and chunky bass propels 'Crater Face' DEEP into the cosmos.

2 DIGITAL - FORCE FIELD - There's a lot of protective energy throughout this track, so you'll feel safe there's no doubt about that but your protection will only last for 5 minutes 23 seconds then you're on your own.

3 DIGITAL - INSIDE THE MIND - Love, Hate, Good, Evil, Compassion, Empathy, Antipathy, Kindness, Greed, Tolerance, Respect, Acceptance, Prejudice, Jealousy, Discrimination.

4 DIGITAL + LJC - THE SHAME OF MANKIND - This is a warning.


DIGITAL - FAR CRY - Bongo Fury!

DIGITAL - ABDUCTED (MISSING TIME) - What day is it? What? Really?

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