Fresh 86 EP

Fresh 86 EP
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My new Fresh 86 release has a mix of why I loved Drum n Bass / Jungle in the first place which is a fusion of different sounds from different genres and heavy bass lines.

(However, I know things have moved on and some massive dj's and producers out there feel they have to wobble it out, then they wonder why crowds don't look like they used to) Anyway, 'Niceness' is big on the original Jungle sound. It has lashing amen, reggae / dub bass and catchy sound tape samples. 'Last Tune' is a hypnotic breakbeat lead roller with a deep techno vibe to it. 'Bad Egg' leads with an old skool rave piano riff followed by ruff n tuff bass and crisp drums. It's a bit weird in places but hey, there's nothing wrong with that is there. No!


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