Digital - Dubzilla Album - Wavs

Digital - Dubzilla Album - Wavs
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Digital is uploading heaps of his back catalogue on the Function Records bandcamp and website so he thought it was right to go with his first album, Dubzilla.

Dubzilla features a ferocious amen track called 'Red Head', a deep and heavy jungle track straight out of 94 called 'Smoking Dub' and 'Champion Bubbler' covers the more uplifting side of jungle. Dubzilla is huge on breakbeats, riffs and sub bass, 'Street Biz', 'Warped 2' and 'Skyline' have that in abundance. 
'Dirty Money' and 'Daylight Robbery' are full of originality, with a 'half time' feel which is apparently brand new lol  There's even a little collab with Spirit called 'Love Is Love'.

Anyway, enjoy!!

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