First World Problems EP - WAVS

First World Problems EP - WAVS
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Function Records presents Digital's First World Problems EP featuring Response and the trio of Drumsound & Bassline Smith.

Digital is delighted to have the massive trio of Drumsound & Bassline Smith on his label.  These artists have made plenty of amazing tracks and their dj sets have been smashing up dance floors for over 15 years.  Number one spot in the UK dance and UK singles charts, plus ground breaking albums like ’10 Years Of Technique’ have taken these guys to a huge level some artists can only dream of.

We’ve said enough about Response lately so we don’t want an already massive head to get any bigger plus if we’re not careful he’s going to want shares in Function Records so I think it’s best we leave him off the next 2 releases!  It’s ok though because he has music forthcoming on Fresh 86, Ingredients Music, C.I.A., Commercial Suicide and Horrific Recordings.  Response says, I’ll be back!

Digital is knocking around somewhere reading stuff about ‘21st century slaves’, How Corporations Exploit Prison Labour’, ‘dodgy bankers', companies that test their products on animals and paedophila amongst politicians.  There’s not a lot Digital can do about these things but he may be able to help some of these tweeters with their First World Problems with a swift kick up the a!@e.

‘Oh god, the helicopter is broken, I have to use a car, what has the world come to?

‘My daughter dropped my keys to my Escalade in the pool so I had to drop my kids off at their private school in my custom golf cart!’

‘1.W.P.’ has an anthemic feel about it in the same vein as Digital’s ‘Waterhouse Dub’. ’Bail Out’ is an out and out dance floor smasher that has received plenty of support throughout the DnB scene. ‘Bruk Down’ is where Digital veers off into a 140bpm tech dub piece in his own distinctive style raising attention from the likes of Nomine, Pinch and J Kenzo.

Anyway have a listen and make your own mind up :-)

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